About Albany Rotary


Weekly Lunch Meeting

Albany Rotary meets at noon on Wednesdays at the American Legion Post, 4 Everett Road, just north of I-90. Please click for location and map. Most meetings feature speakers. We try to finish meetings by 1pm. Watch our calendar and Events page for special meetings and cancellations.

During the winter, if the Albany Schools close due to a snow storm, meetings are automatically cancelled.

Visitors are welcome. Lunch is $16. $20 will buy lunch and three 50/50 tickets.

Monthly Breakfast Meeting

We have a supplemental Breakfast Meeting at 7:15 AM on the second Thursday of every month. The meeting is at the Gateway Diner on Central Avenue adjacent to Westgate Plaza. This meeting is a less formal way to catch up, discuss the club and its activities, and socialize.

Current Officers and Directors

Officers 2018-2019

President –Kevin Pittz

President Elect – Rchard Welty

Vice President –Nicole MacFarland

Secretary – Darlene Suto

Treasurer – Greg Jackson

Sergeant at Arms – Dave Philips

Board of Directors

Carol Whittaker

Moses Kunda -Past President



About Rotary


February 25, 1905, Paul P. Harris, a young Chicago attorney, asked three friends to meet with him. The intention of that meeting was to stimulate fellowship among members of the business community.The result was the advent of Rotary International, the nation's first professional service organization. Subsequent meetings were rotated among each member's place of business, resulting in the name Rotary.


Rotary is a professional service organization of individuals who encompass business, the professions, human service, education, government, and other vocations. Rotarians pledge to uphold the highest professional and ethical standards.Connected internationally, Rotarians provide humanitarian service, encourage ethical standards in all occupations, help build goodwill, and promote shared comradeship. Rotarians understand they have a responsibility to help others and follow principles that have served as the moral compass for people throughout time.


Currently there are 1.2 million Rotarians in over 30,000 clubs in more than160 countries. Every club welcomes and encourages you to attend any meeting. As a visiting Rotarian, club members will greet you on a first-name basis and welcome you to join the shared comradeship. For more information about Rotary International, visit www.rotary.org.


Organized April 15, 1913, the Rotary Club of Albany was the 68th Rotary Club in the world.